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We all have skin issues, some worst than some. Be it acne, eczema or simply the skin troubles aging brings. This can severely affect your self-confidence. You may feel as if you don’t want to go out or shrink away from outdoor opportunities. You may have tried several face washes, treatments, diets, exercises and everything recommended to you under the sun except chemical skin treatments.

We understand that the word ‘chemical’ might throw you off. It might make you a bit apprehensive and that’s normal. You might have heard bad stories about these treatments’ types. We at Modern Surgical Arts are here to trample myths and shine light on what’s true. Additional you can do further research so that you can be confident and comfortable with your decision.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons at Modern Surgical Arts of Denver have years of experience with chemical skin treatments and have brought clients from all different backgrounds and places through it. You never have to worry and if you have any questions and we do mean ANY question about chemical skin treatments, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

In the meanwhile, we’ve provided below information on what chemical skin treatments are, effects, types and more pertinent information for you to peruse. We want our clients informed and ready. If you want to speak with us right away instead, do schedule a consultation right away and we’ll be happy as always to assist.

What are Chemical Skin Treatments?

Chemical skin treatments are procedures that improve the appearance of the skin; in this treatment a chemical solution, usually glycolic acid, salicylic or trichloroacetic acid, is applied to the skin, dissolving skin the skin cells and removing the top layers of the epidermis. This eventually reveals new, smoother, and less wrinkled skin. Simply put, chemical skin treatments promote happy, healthy, clearer and glowing skin.

After the chemical treatment apply, there will be blisters as the top layer of the skin is being removed. It eventually shreds away and gives birth to your ‘new skin’. Note you may be tempted to strip the layers off when it is peeling. We advise against that as that will hinder the healing and cause more harm to your skin than good. Wait on it to naturally come off. Fight those temptations and wait. Your skin will thank you for it as you realize patience is worth it.

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Chemical treatments can be done on the face, hands, or neck and they can be used to:

  • Reduce fine lines that are under the eyes or around the mouth
  • Improve the appearance of mild scars
  • Treat wrinkles that you received from aging or skin problems
  • Treat certain forms of acne
  • Reduce age spots, freckles, and dark spots
  • Improve overall look and feel of skin

Side effects of Chemical Skin Treatments

With every procedure, there are possible effects. During your consultation with us, we’ll expand more on these as well as ask you relevant questions to ascertain your current health level and history. We advise that all patients provide us with full truths as it relates to their health and health history. The information below is not to alarm you but to inform you of the possibly side effects that may happen with this treatment.

  • There are certain skin types that are at a larger risk of developing a temporary or permanent change in the color of the skin after the peel.
  • There is a risk of scarring in certain areas of the face.
  • Darkening or lightening of the skin – this is more prevalent in people with darker skin
  • Infections
  • Heart, liver, or kidney damage – the substance phenol which is used in deep peels can damage heart, kidney, and liver muscles, and be the cause of irregular heartbeats.

Types of Chemical Skin Treatments

There are the several types of chemical skin treatments. The type of treatment used depends on the state of the skin and the problem that requires treatment. You can peruse the list below to see which one might be best for you. During our consultation though, we’ll speak more to you about what your issues are so that we can recommend the right or best one. You can do additional research to get more information on what each type is like. The list of chemical skin treatments that we provide at Modern Surgical arts include:

  • Superficial/Light Peels – These utilize mild acids such as alpha-hydroxy acid to gently exfoliate and only penetrates the outer layer of skin
  • Medium Peels – These utilize trichloroacetic or glycolic acid to affect the middle layer and outer layer of skin. This makes it more effective in removing damaged skin cells.
  • Deep Peels – These fully penetrate the middle layer of skin to remove damaged cells and often times use phenol or trichloroacetic acid.
  • Acne Peels – These solutions are used for treating acne, blemishes, and diminishing existing scars; light peels without the use of alpha-hydroxy acids can also be beneficial for the same.

After Chemical Treatments

The recovery time varies with dependence on which chemical treatment you receive.

For the superficial and medium peels, the recovery time should be about five to seven days, and the skin may be rendered temporarily lighter or darker. With the medium peel, the skin will also initially swell and form crusts before revealing new skin.

Deep Peels, however, will cause severe swelling and redness, and it will take about two weeks for the new skin to develop, white spots may last several weeks and redness for several months. We strongly advise that you do not try to rush the recovery time by doing anything extra. Your skin needs the time to heal and that should be respected. Doing anything not recommended by our specialists might hinder recovery time or lead to greater issues.

Note also that you should limit the time you spend in the sun especially between the times when it is hottest. Use sunscreen before going out. It is recommended to put the sunscreen on every 30 minutes – 2 hours. Reapply often if you are going into water for activities like swimming. SPF (sun protection factor) 30 or higher is recommended for sunscreen or any skin care products that has SPF as well as use skin products that have UVB and UVA protection.

Wear clothing that protects your skin such as long sleeve tops, large brimmed hats, sunglasses, pants, etc. We know that can be a little humid, but you can also choose the lighter materials. Just ensure you protect your skin as it heals. If you notice any changes that are not normal or concerning, you should contact us right away.

It is important that even after your skin heals and you may feel like refreshed and renewed, do not neglect skin care. Have a healthy skin care regime that keeps making your skin happy and keeps it protected. You should always treat your skin right at every and any stage of life.

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Other Rejuvenation Treatments to Consider:

We understand that you might want to do more than rejuvenating your skin. You might want to overall lift your face or some additional procedure that compliments your chemical skin treatment, giving you the make-over you deserve. Some of the other rejuvenation treatments to consider are:

  • Brow lifts
  • Facelifts
  • Eyelid procedures
  • Cosmetic Nasal Surgery
  • Tissue Augmentation

Based on our consultation, you can do any of the above with the chemical skin treatment to get that optimal appearance.

Why Choose to Do Your Chemical Skin Treatments with Modern Surgical Arts?

The answer is easy as 1,2,3.

  1. We Care!
  2. We are experts at what we do.
  3. We are there for you long after you pay us.

We haven’t just written such extensive content just to make our pages look full. Though our board-certified surgeons consult with you to explain procedures in full or answer your questions, we believe in being informed prior to your first actual phone of face interaction with us. That’s because we care and want our clients to make informed decisions for any and every service we offer. We encourage all our patients and visitors to learn as much as they can about chemical skin treatments so feel free to do additional research.

Also, we provide stellar customer support to everyone who is interested in our services. Our customer support representatives are ready to serve you in whatever way you need. Like our plastic surgeons, they have years of experience and training and are ready to assist you. If you are considering chemical treatments to improve your skin, then we are you go-to for this treatment. Call us or schedule a consultation today.

Treat Your Skin Right

We understand that as humans that there are many things that are working against our epidermis. It could be a skin condition, nature or even how we take care of our skins. Our skin requires maintenance and not just any type of maintenance, the right ones and at times, you need medical assistance. Just like any part of your body where you take that necessary trip to the doctor such as dentist twice a year for a cleaning or you might visit your personal doctor for a yearly check-up. Some people might do a yearly cleanse. All those are required necessary for the upkeep of your body. Don’t you think it is just as necessary for your skin?

Don’t let the scars of acne or eczema hold you back. Don’t let aging makes you feel like it’s all doom and gloom. Having skin issues or getting older is not the end of a healthy-looking skin. You can still look exceptionally well at age 60 as well as your skin can glow after acne or eczema battled your skin. Chemical skin treatments can do that for you.

We want you to walk confident and even more, be happy with how you look. The mental perks of loving the skin you’re in is awesome. You don’t need to stress, hide, run away from others just because the outer layer of you has wrinkles, acne, eczema, etc. Start loving yourself today and always do right by your skin, not just outside but cater to what’s within.

If you want to talk to us more about the step you are about to take, reach out to us asap and we’ll be right with you. We are looking forward to speaking to you and telling you more about this service. Once again, feel free to reach out anytime via phone, this website or email.

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