Financing Ways to Pay for Your Cosmetic Procedures

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At Modern Surgical Arts we accept many forms of payment, including payments spread over time through financing. We invite you to call and speak directly with Amy, our patient coordinator, at Highlands Ranch Office Phone Number 303-470-3400 for more information about ways to pay for cosmetic surgery. Consulting with her will help you to apply to the financing company that will best meet your needs.


Greensky is a financial technology company that provides technology to banks and merchants to make loans to consumers for home improvement, healthcare, and other purposes.

If you want to finance a home improvement project or medical bills through an associated medical provider, GreenSky offers unsecured loans with an application process that can take minutes. In some cases, GreenSky loan terms can include deferred interest periods and a potential money-saver if you pay off your loan balance before the promotional period ends.

GreenSky does not charge loan origination fees, penalize patients for early repayment and offers a wide range of payment plans to choose from. The application process is simple and loan approval decisions are made (on average) in under a minute. Most importantly, approval rates are stellar; giving patients more freedom to get the surgery they want or need with the practice of their choosing. Altogether, our verdict is that GreenSky Patient Solutions seems to be a legitimate and appealing option for medical practices to offer. It’s important to provide choices for your patients, and we’re pro-anything that improves workflow.

If you need help financing medical bills, check if your provider offers GreenSky financing. GreenSky partners with certain healthcare providers to offer revolving or installment loan financing for their patients.

If your provider offers GreenSky financing, you may be able to apply online and get a decision regarding approval in minutes. If approved, you’ll be given a variety of payment options depending on your provider.

How to apply

At current GreenSky’s medical loans can only be applied for through your medical provider.

Information you will need to provide in order to apply for a Greensky medical loan include:

  • Full name and address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Social Security number
  • Annual income
  • Income verification
  • Purpose of the loan
  • Loan amount desired
  • Loan term (GreenSky’s website gives 42, 66 and 90 months as examples, but applicants may see different choices, such as 48, 72 or 96 months)

It’s important to note that GreenSky will do a credit inquiry when it receives your loan application.

If Greensky is not right for you, you can consider other option such as Marcus by Goldman Sachs or SoFi personal loans.


CareCredit is nothing like your regular credit card.

It can be used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered by medical insurance, and special financing options that you may not be able to get with other cards are readily available.

CreditCare is a financial lending institution that has entered into agreements with a wide range of healthcare providers who accept its card as payment for their services. The card can be used to cover traditional medical insurance copayments​on covered services as well as for elective medical procedures that are not covered by traditional insurance plans. The providers range from doctors, dentists and surgical centers to vision care and hearing centers, and hair restoration and even veterinary services. Cardholders simply go to the CareCredit website and enter a zip code to find local providers that take the card.

With CareCredit you can pay for health and wellness care at over 200,000 enrolled providers across the nation. And once you’ve applied, you can use it again and again at any location that accepts CareCredit.

CareCredit provides both long and short term financing options and with shorter term financing options of 6 & 12 months no interest is charged on purchases of $200 or more when you make the minimum monthly payments and pay the full amount due by the end of the promotional period.

CareCredit also offers longer term financing periods such as 24 months, 36 months, 48 months, and 60 months.

You can apply for CareCredit online via their website or even by telephone and find out immediately if you have been approved.

All you would need are the following:

  • Doctor’s name
  • How you plan to use the card
  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Net income
  • Housing information


Alphaeon Credit is offered by Comenity Capital Bank, is a credit card that consumers can use to pay for procedures or treatments performed by board certified physicians specializing in dentistry, dermatology, ophthalmology, and plastic surgery. Alphaeon can also be used to pay for products and services offered by these physicians.

Where can Alphaeon be used?

Alphaeon is only accepted by board certifies doctors who specialize in areas such as plastic surgery and dermatology.

What are the benefits of Alphaeon?

Alphaeon provides special financing options that are not always available with other credit cards. These include:

  • No interest is applied if the amount due is paid in full within 6 or 12 months
  • Equal pay 14.99% APR if the full amount is paid within 24 months, 36 months, 48 months, or 60 months
  • Budget pay 14.90% APR with monthly payments of $99, $149, $199, or $299 per month

How to apply

Applying for Alphaeon is quick and easy. Interested parties can either apply online or at any doctor’s office that participates in the Alphaeon credit card program.

You will need documents such as your address, social security number, and ID. You also have to be at least 18 years of age and a resident in the United States.